Not at fault claim

DO NOT feel obligated to contact the insurance company directly only to be pressured and dictated by them to take your vehicle to one of their own so call preferred repairers who they use to cut costs by using secondhand used parts etc… on your pride and joy. Don’t be fooled they will promise you the world but deliver nothing but heartache.

Contact EBR first. We will organise everything on your behalf from start to finish, providing you with a free hire vehicle, the use of genuine parts (not used or aftermarket parts), have an independent assessor appointed to your claim NOT one appointed by your insurance company that cuts costs on repairing your vehicle.

All we require is a basic claim form to be completed, please contact us for more details.

Repairing your vehicle under the other’s party insurance gives you following benefits:

Have an independent Assessor, NOT one appointed by the insurance company that cuts costs on repairing your vehicle.

Rental Car.

Ensure your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition, using genuine, not after-market, parts.

Protect your no claim bonus policy.

Even if you are not insured, you are still eligible for a Rental Car.