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Not At Fault Claim in Melbourne

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Have you been involved in a minor car crash that wasn’t your fault? Bypass the hassle of claiming through your insurance and turn to Eastland Body Repairs! We guarantee the best service in Ringwood, Melbourne and Heathmont, ensuring a smooth claims process and rapid repairs. Call today for more information!

Why go through us

At Eastland Body Repairs, we can arrange for an estimate for repairs to your vehicle and submit this directly to the third-party insurance holders.

While your car is waiting to be repaired, we provide you with a free replacement car so that you remain mobile. Once your car is repaired, we will then bill the third party’s insurance company.

Since you went through us directly, there are no excesses to be paid to your insurance company, which saves you even more money! For more information, get in touch on the number below!

Not At Fault Claim Melbourne

Why should you pay if it’s not your fault?

Our Services:
  • Not At Fault Claim
  • Smash Repairs
  • Car Panel Repairs
  • Car Repairs
  • Vehicle Body Repairs
  • Touch Up Paint
  • Dent Removal
Our guarantees:
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Free Loan Car
  • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs
  • Free pick-up and delivery with 5km radius
  • Melbourne
  • Ringwood
  • Heathmont

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Do we work directly with all insurances?

While Eastland Body Repairs does hold contracts with several insurance companies, it is impossible to hold contracts with every single one of them.

However, to set your mind at ease, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our repairs, have extensive experience with all types of vehicles and have been in business for over 30 years.

So even if we don’t hold a contract with your chosen insurance, you know we will have you vehicle road-worthy without any fuss! Call now for more details!

Experience you can count on

Not At Fault Claim Ringwood

Add more life to your car!

We go above and beyond to ensure that you are back on the road as soon as possible. Trust Eastland Body Repairs to fix your car better than before!